Why Are MagSafe Wallet’s so Popular?

If you keep up with what’s happening in the world of Apple products, you have no doubt heard the buzz about the new MagSafe wallet. This new Apple accessory for the iPhone has made waves since first being introduced onto the scene, having record numbers of presales from the time it was announced. This has many people wondering just what it is about the MagSafe wallet that makes it so popular among customers. 

Many things stand out about the MagSafe wallet and truly help set it apart from many other accessories for smartphones, including items made for the iPhone and accessories for Android smartphones. These differences are just a small part of what makes the MagSafe wallet such a popular item and likely what will continue to make it successful as Apple continues its iPhone accessory production in the future. However, first we must look at MagSafe wallets, what they can do, and how they differ from other similar items.

What is a MagSafe Wallet?

As already mentioned, a MagSafe wallet is an accessory that is used with the iPhone. It can be used either with the iPhone by itself or along with an iPhone case. One of the interesting things about the MagSafe wallet is that it uses MagSafe technology. This is one of the things that help make it such a unique item, and that has made it such a hot topic among those who are such big fans of Apple technology. 

MagSafe was first introduced to the market with the MacBook Pro in 2006. The technology features recyclable rare-earth magnets that are used to connect a charger to the computer. The technology was initially used to connect the charger to the computer, so the charger would gently disconnect from the laptop and prevent users from accidentally sending their computers crashing. 

Over time, the technology was gradually phased out of Apple’s lineup of laptops but gradually came to be used in other items, including its iPhones. Today’s use of the technology has many applications, including ensuring that wireless charging in iPhones is much more efficient than ever before. When phones are not aligned right on their chargers, they cannot charge, solving a pain point that has frustrated many users in the past and led to many uncharged phones. However, the magnets in MagSafe technology are also leading to various new features in the accessories that come along with its phones, including its cases and now the MagSafe wallet.

How Does the MagSafe Wallet Work?

Just like the earlier versions of MagSafe items, the MagSafe wallet is able to connect to the iPhone through the use of magnets. In this case, the wallet can connect to an iPhone either alone or if the iPhone is being used along with a MagSafe case as well. The MagSafe wallet gives the user room to store around three or four cards while they are on the go. This makes their iPhone even more functional when individuals are traveling. It also ensures they do not have to worry about the annoying process of removing their entire phone case when they need to charge their phone or search for a port.

This is important for MagSafe users, as the MagSafe feature is one of the most convenient things about using the iPhone. The quick connectivity of the MagSafe magnet makes connecting the iPhone up for charging simple and easy. This has meant that it has been impossible to have a case for the iPhone with a wallet feature until now. By producing a wallet with MagSafe technology, iPhone users have a wallet they can connect to their iPhone while retaining the MagSafe feature for the first time. 

Is the MagSafe Wallet Safe to Use?

There is one big question that many individuals have when they learn about the MagSafe wallet. MagSafe technology uses magnets, and it is important to note that being exposed to a magnet for an especially long period of time does have the potential to damage the magnetic strip of a credit or debit card. Fortunately, Apple has taken steps to ensure that any credit or debit cards kept inside a MagSafe wallet will be safe even if they are inside the wallet for an extended amount of time. The company has added protection to the MagSafe wallet, so the magnets used to connect the wallet to the iPhone and provide MagSafe technology do not have the ability to damage the magnetic strip. 

What Can a MagSafe Wallet Hold?

One of the many things that people wonder about with the MagSafe wallet is just how much it can hold. Naturally, the MagSafe wallet is a bit on the small side since it is made to attach neatly to the iPhone’s side. This makes it a little bit different from some of the larger phone cases that can also function as wallets, which are a bit bigger and can hold a larger number of items. The smaller size of the MagSafe wallet limits the number of cards able to fit inside and means that it cannot hold items such as cash or keys like a traditional wallet would be able to do. On average, a MagSafe wallet can fit about three cards of typical size – one identification card and two credit or debit cards. However, it may be able to fit around four cards if those cards are on the thin side. 

Does MagSafe Charging Work With a MagSafe Wallet?

Another common question that people have when it comes to the MagSafe wallet is whether they will be able to use their MagSafe charger with the wallet. In this case, the answer is no. Unlike the MagSafe case, which can stay on the iPhone while the MagSafe charger is attached for charging, the MagSafe wallet will need to be removed if you want to charge your device. However, taking the wallet off is a quick and easy process. Apple has made things hassle-free, and while it does require an extra step, it’s one that doesn’t require much more work in the grand scheme of things. The majority of Apple users are not put off at all by the fact that they will have to remove their MagSafe wallet when it is time for them to charge their phone, which is why it has not impacted the overall popularity of the new accessory for the iPhone.

What Styles of MagSafe Wallet are Available?

Now that Apple has launched this new iPhone accessory, many people are eager to know what styles are available. Right now, the MagSafe wallet is available in a sleek and small version that quickly connects to the iPhone. There are only a few color options available as well, so choices are limited. However, knowing Apple, there will likely be many more options available. The MagSafe wallet is certainly notable for its quality materials. It is crafted from sleek, high-quality European leather, which will also enhance its ability to withstand plenty of use. 

What are the Other MagSafe Accessories?

Individuals interested in the MagSafe should waste no time learning about the many other MagSafe items and accessories available from Apple. The MagSafe lineup begins with the MagSafe charger, a charging puck that can connect magnetically to the back of the iPhone. This makes charging much more convenient and reliable. Another of the key MagSafe accessories, and one that has become a fixture for many Apple fans, is the iPhone’s MagSafe case. In addition to being a stylish accessory, the MagSafe case is able to quickly connect to the iPhone through the use of magnets, just like the MagSafe wallet. 

Not only that, but the MagSafe case does not need to be removed for you to be able to charge your iPhone. This has led to the case having many fans in the world of Apple. They come in various colors, and there is even a clear option available for those who want to see their iPhone in its original design. Some future MagSafe accessories that may be hitting the market include a possible car mount and even a multi-charger dock.

Is the MagSafe Wallet Revolutionary?

Is it appropriate to call the MagSafe wallet revolutionary? Perhaps not. It is by no means a product that is introducing anything new or exciting to the market. However, what the MagSafe wallet is doing is solving many problems and pain points for Apple customers using a technology that the company has continued to adapt and evolve over the years. MagSafe has been around for a while, and the company has been smart enough to know how to continue to use it for the better. Apple will continue to use this technology by helping its customers keep their most precious cargo with them wherever they go.

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